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Our mission statement

We make positive change happen for communities, from the ground up

Do you have a vision for a project that will transform your community economically, culturally, or environmentally?
Do you want to bring in a team that will truly listen to and understand your needs?
Would your project benefit from grant funding?

MacLeod Farley & Associates is a consulting firm dedicated to progressive community economic development projects

Process from Idea to Funding to Results

You provide the vision, and we provide a proven process to ensure that your vision becomes reality. Our role often starts at the earliest stages of project concept development and planning and moves on to financing, construction and operations. We can be there to support you every step of the way.

Our fundamental belief is that communities know what is best for their people. We start by listening and getting to know you, your community, and your unique challenges and needs. From there, we provide the strategic planning process, access to funding, and the additional expertise you need to make your project happen.


Rick and Pauline MacLeod Farley

MacLeod Farley & Associates is led by partners Rick and Pauline.

We have a core team of professional consultants complemented by an extensive network of specialists whom we engage on a project-by-project basis to meet specific community project requirements.

Do you need funding for your project? 

Funding Accessed

over $67 million
Grant funding awarded to our clients to date

Approval RatE

over 95%
Funding applications approved for our clients


over 10 to 1
Well over $100,000 returned in funding per $10,000 spent on our services

At MacLeod Farley & Associates, we routinely assist our clients to access project funding.

Since 1994 our firm has assisted our clients to access over $67 million in grants and loans.

This includes $42 million in approved grants towards $50 million in projects which had an average of 84% grant funding, 5% loans (most with zero interest), 10% cash equity and 1% in-kind equity.

Our Cree Village Ecolodge project has won numerous awards. It has been listed as one of the Top Ten Ecolodges in the World by National Geographic since 2013, is included in the 2010 book of 'Authentic Ecolodges' by Hitesh Mehta and is listed as one of the Top Ten Eco Destinations in North America by Natural Home Magazine.

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